Healthcare Marketing Roundup July 2017

A roundup and recap of what we found interesting in healthcare marketing this week. From social media tips for pharma to a fantastic spoof by the Rock on SNL.

healthcare marketing roundup

Top health industry issues of 2017. Great pdf and well worth the read. Of particular interest to us is the emerging technologies section.

The top 7 Social Media Best Practices of 2017.

The top 20 pharma brands spent over $2 billion on television ads. As cord-cutters, this was a revelation.

Facebook messenger for pharma – we’re looking forward to part II.

10 ways healthcare companies are testing Instagram.

Diabetty is a virtual voice assistant aimed at helping diabetics manage their condition. Voice search is growing fast. We’re looking forward to seeing more of this.

South African Xentrex isn’t your typical erectile dysfunction drug. Great pharma marketing parody by the Rock.

Until next time, let’s work together to elevate your healthcare marketing. Remember that we love you.

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