Five easy steps to get more patients from your healthcare website

Is your healthcare website optimized for lead generation?

We know that trust is the deciding factor when a healthcare consumer is choosing a provider. Gaining that trust is more than providing the best service and hoping that the word will travel.

Healthcare information is one of the most commonly searched topics on the internet. Obviously, you want your organization’s website to show up first in relevant search results. But what happens when a potential patient finds your site? Do they scan your content and move on?

If so, you need to optimize your site for lead generation and have a clear plan for turning leads into patients. Here are five easy steps towards optimizing your site for conversion.

Healthcare website optimization for leads

Step 1: Consistent Branding

The goal of your marketing is brand recognition, brand preference, and brand loyalty, in that order. Your healthcare website should build all three.

Research has shown that consumers can make judgments about your website within 1/20 of a second. That’s not a lot of time to build trust, but consistent and beautiful branding goes a long way. On the flip-side, inconsistency in brand image, message, and voice will lead to customer confusion.

The best tool for establishing and maintaining consistent branding is a brand guideline. More than a simple style guide, a brand guideline is built after a thorough discovery of who you are, what you do, and why it matters, and deep research into crafting your image, message, and voice in a way that will resonate with your target audience. Take a look at this article for examples of great brand guidelines.

Step 2: Patient-Centered Content

Your potential patients will find your site through search and relevant and original content is the key to good search results. Search engine optimization isn’t black magic or gameable. Good search engine placement is the result of good content.

The focus of your healthcare website content should be educational. Create articles that are centered around the questions and needs of your audience. These articles will not only improve your search engine rankings but will build trust in your readers by demonstrating your expertise.

Create a content calendar and stick to it. The more relevant content you provide on your site, the more visitors, and the more visitors, the better your chances of acquiring a new patient.

Step 3: Value Driven Call to Action

Display a compelling call to action with a simple opt-in form with no more than one or two fields. This may be a newsletter, a free download, a webinar, or a special offer. Give your audience something they want or need in exchange for their email address, then follow up.

Step 4: Social Proof

Healthcare website - Social ProofWord of mouth referrals will always be the best way to attain the trust of your audience. The online equivalent of a personal referral is a testimonial. Feature these testimonials prominently, preferably with photos to put a face to the name.

Encourage your customers to leave good reviews online, pay close attention to your online reputation, and work quickly to resolve any issues with negative reviews that may arise.

Because of the personal nature of healthcare, social proof is even more important. Make sure that your healthcare website leverages social proof to connect with your viewers.

Step 5: Clear Contact Information

This one is obvious, but your contact information should be prominently displayed and easy to find. In the visual hierarchy of information, you want your potential customer to be able to contact you immediately. Display your phone number, contact form, and social icons in the header of your site. You don’t want to lose business by making your audience look for a way to contact you.

Steps 6-47: Download this free checklist

Click here or on the image below to get a free pdf 47 point checklist to help you attract, connect, and convert more of your website visitors into patients. As always, contact us if you have any questions.

Get more patients from your website

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